Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are more than just deliverables.  Marketing campaigns are a way of ‘convincing an audience of something’ – achieving this may take a sustained approach over a long period of time through many different media – including digital.

In our view, marketing organisations can’t think in terms of simple disciplines any longer – events, media relations, direct mail etc.. Instead they need to set out to achieve a goal on behalf of the business such as ‘increase recognition as a key player in the outsourcing market’ and use a blend of coordinated marketing disciplines to achieve it.

Using the marketing campaigns concept you can take a ‘big idea’ and use it to drive activity right across the marketing mix.   This fully integrated approach to going to market is more cost effective, has greater impact on the target audience and optimises brand clarity.

The good news is that so many campaigns can be modular and principles re-used and adapted for another area of your business or territories as the campaign approach evolves.

We are often asked to help define, develop and coordinate a campaign using all the expertise of the client’s in-house teams.

We have specific experience of developing campaigns to:

  • convince a CFO to look in new places for profitability
  • explore how outsourcing can help improve profitability in a downturn
  • prepare personalised sales training materials for a European outsourcing services sales team
  • take a new advisory firm to market
  • increase corporate recognition in the Fortune 500 C-suite domiciled in Europe (as part of a global campaign)
  • influence UK CFO’s about how to think differently about procurement
  • co-run a campaign to 1,200 board level European executives designed to  explore how outsourcing can impact growth and sustainability in a mixed growth economy. Including in 4 languages: books, personalised URLs, webinars.
  • run and education campaign to analysts and advisors in 9 languages.

To cut through market noise, a marketing campaign should make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, and excited too. We would like the opportunity to demonstrate what we mean.